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This modest exhibition briefly explores a highly interesting yet neglected area of the photobook canon – the protest book - particularly from the heyday of protest, the 1960s and 70s.

The generation of protest that emerged after the War was inward-looking and narcissistic in many ways but also idealistic. Many, certainly, were “rebels without a cause”, but others certainly had their causes. They ranged from concern about Afro-American civil rights, American imperialism, colonialism, the capitalist system, nuclear arms, gay and women’s issues.

In the 1960s, the big, worldwide cause was the war in Vietnam, but in essence Vietnam was an umbrella crusade which subsumed many others, some of global significance, others of local interest only. Here, we have books from America championing Civil Rights and condemning the Vietnam War. We have books from Japan examining many aspects of the complex, love- hate relationship between the United States and Japan. We have books from France recording the events of May ’68, from Italy documenting the low-level civil war during the Anni di Piombo (Years of Lead), and from Latin America denouncing “American imperialism”.
From the late 1970s and 80s, there are books from Holland, Germany, and Scandinavia tackling environmental issues, a more recent concern, and we come up to date with books about the “Arab Spring”, the protests demanding change in the Middle East, and also the “Occupy” protests against the excesses of capitalism.

Some of these books were made by renowned photographers, such as Richard Avedon, but many were made by students or anonymous activists caught up in the protests. Some were expensively produced, but most were produced as cheaply as possible. And yet, because protest is essentially about generating freedom, the makers of protest photobooks have often felt free to experiment.

As dissent takes to the Internet, and is spread through Facebook and Twitter, it may be that the “golden age” of protest photobooks is over. However, the Net also allows the cheap printing and dissemination of self-published books, so whenever a photographer has a concern about something and wants to act upon it, the avenue of the protest photobook is certainly open. And there will always be some who will take it, whether to use it as a vehicle for protest in itself, or to document a process of dissent with which they feel passionately involved.

Find the complete list of books here below.
Photographer: Ian Jones scénographeExhibition designer: Cléo Charuet

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Platform 2013 - Conversion between Martin Parr and Gerry Badger - The Photobook, a History from Paris Photo on Vimeo.
Gus Savage, ed.
The American Negro, June 1956: The Truth About the NAACP
The American Negro, Chicago, 1956
L 14,5CM X H 22CM E 0.4CM
Dirk Alvermann
Algerien/L’Algérie (Algeria)
Rütten & Loening, Berlin, 1960
L 11CM X H 18CM E 1.5CM

Louis Lo Monaco
We Shall Over come: March on Washing ton for Jobs and Freedom August 28, 1963
National Urban League, New York, 1963
L 23,5CM X H 28CM E 0.2CM

Guy and Candie Carawan
We Shall Overcome! Songs of the Southern freedom Movement
Oak Publications, New York, 1963
L 14,7CM X H 22,9CM E 0.2CM

Doris E. Sauners
The Day They Marched
Johnson Pub. Co., Chicago, 1963
L 22,7CM X H 28,7CM E 1CM

Richard Avedon and James Baldwin
Nothing Personal
Atheneum Publishers, New York, and Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, 1964
L 28CM X H 37CM E 2CM

Albert C. Persons
Riot! Riot! Riot!
Esco Publishers Inc., Birmingham, Alabama, 1965
L 21,3CM X H 27,5CM E 0.2CM

Kazuo Kitai
Teikoh (Resistance)
Murai-sha, Tokyo, 1965
L 29,8CM X H 29,6CM E 0.5CM

Unknown Authors and Photographers
The Upheaval in Hong Kong
Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong, 1967
L 26,7CM X H 24CM E 1.2CM

Ernest Cole
House of Bondage
Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, London, 1968
L 20,7CM X H 29,2CM E 3CM

Uncredited Authors and Photographers
The Poor People’s Campaign
The Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Atlanta, 1968
L 28CM X H 21CM E 0.6CM

Marion Walker, ed.,
Black Rebellion
National Graphics Inc., Columbia, South Carolina, 1968
L 21,6CM X H 27,3CM E 0.5CM

Gilbert Kahn
Paris à Brulé (Paris Was Burning)
Del Duca, Paris, 1968
L 19,6CM X H 27CM E 0.7CM

Douard Dejay, Phillipe Johnsson, and Claue Moliterni
Paris Mai/Juin 1968 (Paris May/June 1968)
Éditions S.E.R.G, Paris, 1968
L 22,5CM X H 29CM E 0.4CM

Hitome Watanabe and Various Photographers (Students' Power League of Tokyo)
Kaihoku '68 (Liberated Area '68)
Japan University Students' Power League, Tokyo, 1968
L 12,8CM X H 18,2CM E 0.5CM

Shomei Tomatsu
Okinawa, Okinawa, Okinawa
Shaken, Tokyo, 1969
L 27CM X H 22CM E 0.7CM

Alan Copeland, ed.
People's Park
Ballantine Books Inc., New York, 1969
L 24CM X H 22,5CM E 1CM

San Francisco State Strike Committee
On Strike, Shut It Down
San Francisco State College Strike Committee, San Francisco, 1969
L 21,3CM X H 16,4CM E 0.7CM

Enrique Bostelmann
America-un viaje a traves de la injusticia (America – A Journey Through Injustice)
Siglo veintuno editores sa, Mexico City, 1970
L 28CM X H 20CM E 2.8CM

Various Unknown Photographers and Authors
10.21 To ha nanika (What is 10.21?)
The '10.21 To ha nanika' Publishing Committee, Tokyo, 1969
L 15CM X H 21CMt E 0.5CM

Toshiaki Kanayama
Dotou/ Years of Violent Change (Scream of Outrage/ Years of Violent Change)
Self Published, Tokyo, 1970
L 18CM X 25,4CM E 1CM

Bob Buford, Peter Shea, and Andy Stickney, eds.
May Days: Crisis in Confrontation
'Published by the Editors', Charlottville, Virginia, 1970
L 29CM X H 22,5CM E 0.3CM

Mary Levine and John Naisbutt
Right On: A Documentary on Student Protest
Bantam Books, New York, London, Toronto, 1970
L 15CM X H 19CM E 1.7CM

Various Photographers (All Japan Students’ Photo Association)
Kon chijo ni wareware no kuni wa nai /Kogai kyampen shashinshu (No Country on Earth For Us /Public Nuisance Campaign)
All Japan Students’ Photo Association, Tokyo, 1970
L 14, 8CM X H 21CM E 0.5CM

Vietnam inc
Philip Jones Griffiths
L 20,7CM X H 28CM E 1.8CM

John Kerry and Vietnam Veterans Against the War
The New Soldier
Collier Books, New York, 1971
L 21,4CM X H 28CM E 1CM

Kazuo Kitai
Sanrizuka 1969-1971
Nora-sha, Tokyo,1971
L 18,1CM X H 24,3CM E 2CM

Various Photographers (All Japan Students' Photo Association)
Hiroshima, Hiroshima
All Japan Students' Photo Association, Tokyo, 1972
L 17,4CM X H 23,7CM E 2.4CM

Various Photographers and Authors
Hôseidaikagu Album: Album of the Hôsei University
Hôsei daikagu, Tokyo, 1972
L 27,5CM X H 38,2CM

Paolo Gasparini
Para verte mejor, américa latina (A Clearer Look at Latin America)
Siglo veintuno editores sa, Mexico City, 1972
L 24,6CM X H 22,2CM E 1.9CM

Jean-Claude Gautrand
L’assassinat de Baltard (The Assassination of Baltard)
Formule 13 Éditeur, Paris, 1972
L 30,4CM X H 24CM E 0.5CM

Clive Limpkin
The Battle of Bogside
Penguin Books Ltd, Harmondsworth, Middlesex, 1972
L 22CM X H 30,2CM E 1CM

Patricio Garcia, ed.
El tancazo de ese 29 de Junio(The ‘Tank Putsch’ of June 29)
Quimantú, Documentos Especiales, Santiago, 1973
L 19CM X H 26CM E 0.4CM

Uliano Lucas
Cinque Anni a Milano (Five Years in Milan)
Tommaso Musolini Editore, Turin, 1973
L 30,2CM X H 22CM E 1.5CM

Paola Mattioli and Anna Candiani
Immagini del No (‘No’ Images)
Occhio Magico No. 11, All’insegna del Pesce d’Oro, Milan, 1974
L 77CM X H 10CM

José Marques
As Paredes em Liberdade (Walls of Freedom)
Editorial Teorama, Lisbon, 1974
L 20,1CM X H 14,1CM E 1CM

Adriano Mordenti and Massimo Vergari
Come eravamo (How We Were)
Savelli spa, Rome, 1975
L 22,3CM X H 30,8CM E 1CM

Various Photographers
Blauwe Maandag (Blue Monday)
Aktiegroep Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, 1975
L 20,5CM X H 14CM E 0.5CM

Günter Zint and Claus Lutterbeck
Atomkraft (Nuclear Power)
Verlag Atelier im Bauernhaus, Fischerhude, 1977
Günter Zint and Claus Lutterbeck
L 24,2CM X H 18CM E 1CM

Aldo Bonasia
L’Io in Divisa: Immagini per un’analisi sociale (The Self in Uniform: Images for Social Analysis)
L 20,8CM X H 27CM E 0.8CM

Tano D'Amico
E il '77 (This is ’77)
Self published, Rome, 1978
L 34,4CM X H 42,8CM E 0.3CM

Ricardo Kotscho
Documento: A Greve do ABC (Document: An ABC of Striking)
Editoria Caraguatá, São Paulo, 1980
L 23CM X H 16CM E 0.5CM

Various Photographers and Authors
Osujiken no Shinjitsu (Truth of the Incident)
Osujiken souranzai hunsai Aichi Taisaku kyogikai, Nagoya, 1980
L 27CM X H 38CM E 0.6CM

Stig Albinus, Various Photographers
Kampen om Byggaren (The Battle for Bygarren)
Informations Forlag, Copenhagen, 1980
L 22CM X H 28CM E 1.2CM

Various Photographers
Band 32
Verlag one Zukunft, Zurich, 1981
L 22CM X H 30,6CM E 0.7CM

Various Photographers, Leo Labedz,
Gdánsk 1980: Pictures From A Strike
Puls Publications, London 1981
L 22CM X H 30,5CM E 0.7CM

Geoff Walker and Peter Beach, eds.
56 Days: A history of the anti-tour movement in Wellington
Lindsay Wright on Behalf of Citizens Opposed to the Springbok Tour, Wanganui, New Zealand, 1981
L 20,3CM X H 27CM E 1CM

B. Zaetter
Knald eller Fald (Crash or Slump)
Autonomt Forlag, Copenhagen, 1985
L 21,8CM X H 27,7CM E 1.5CM

Peter Magubane
June 16: The Fruit of Fear
Skotaville Publishers, Johannesberg, 1987
L 26,2CM X H 31,5CM

Editorial Board of the Truth About the Beijng Turmoil
The Truth About the Beijng Turmoil
Beijing Publishing House, Beijing, 1989
L 22CM X H 29,5CM E 0.9CM

World Council of Churches/ SWAPO
The End Justifies the Means
World Council of Churches/SWAPO, nd. 1980s?
L 22CM X H 30,2CM

Halil, ed.
A Cloud of Black Smoke: Photographs From Turkey, 1968-72
Focuskop Fotoform, Stockholm, 2007
L 21,1CM X H 28CM E 2CM

Various Photographers and Authors
Reformasi (Reform)
Galeri Foto Jurnalistic Antara, Jakarta, 2008
L 22CM X H 29CM E 0.5CM

Ben Roberts
Temporary Spaces
Here Press, London, 2012
L 21CM X H 28,8CM E 0.2CM

Giorgio di Noto
The Arab Revolt
Self published, Rome, 2012
L 19CM X H 24,5CM E 1.5CM

Frederic Lezmi
#Taksim Calling
Sunday Book, Cologne, 2013
L 41,9CM X H 55,6CM

Can’t do these two – need a Japanese and a Chinese speaker for them
Protest, Japan, 43, 1970
L 22CM X H 15,8CM E 1CM

Tianamen Sq book from Hong Kong, 1989
L 19,5CM X H 28,3CM E 0.4CM

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