zaterdag 8 januari 2011

Take Me Out Moldavian women in the New Europe Lucasz Trzcinski Photography

"New Europe" project is a story about the Central and Eastern Europe countries, which chose freedom and democracy in 1989 and during next few years. It presents these groups of people for whom the changes of last 20. years were profitable and these ones who didn't take advantage of them. The project tells about this face of Europe which still resembles former communist system and this, which looks completely different: fresh and modern.

The aim of the project realized by Lukasz Trzcinski in cooperation with the Imago Mundi Foundation, The Photographers' Collective and Nikon Poland is to create a photographic portrait of societies from Central and Eastern Europe at the time of the mental and economic transformation. It will be done through documentation of traces which the former system left behind in the form of workers' cities, housing estates where huge numbers of people were squeezed in tiny spaces, landscapes transformed by wasteful mining of resources or the countryside which remained unchanged for around half a century. After 20. years "New Europe" is coming into being although the economic and intellectual transformation is likely to last for the next fifty years or so.

Project's website "New Europe"

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