maandag 24 januari 2011

Migros Geschäftsbericht 2000 – Get your Family! 53 Schweizer Kunstler zeigen Ihre - Familie - Mirelle Thijsen's Choice of Company Photobooks Photography

Fotografie: Olaf Breuning, Stefan Burger, Thomas Flechtner,
Fischli/Weiss, Katrin Freisager, Urs Lüthi,
Cat Tuon Nguyen, Pipilotti Rist, Shirana Shahbazi,
Annelies Strba, Beat Streuli, Walter Pfeiffer u.v.m.
Text: Yukom Medien AG, Andrea Cavegn

Migros (pronounced “mee-groe”) is one of Switzerland's largest companies. The name come from the French "mi" meaning half and "gros" meaning amount. It controls fifteen per cent of the food and non-food market, plus it is the largest supermarket chain in Switzerland. One interesting thing about the company in abusiness sense is rather then expand internationality into other countries, it grows into various different sectors such as petrol stations and holidays, evenadult education. The reason for this, is that it is co-operative organisation rather then a profit-making company. One thing about the company is that it does not sell either alcohol or tobacco. The logo of the company is a large orange M, and it called "the orange giant" by the Swiss. Their loyalty card is called M-cumulus card.

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