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Permission to Stare Paris Carnet de Recherche Krass Clement Photography

Krass Clement (b. 1946) is one of the most remarkable and influential Danish photographers of his generation. All his photographs raise existential questions about the human condition; they deal with the feelings we have difficulty facing: loss, anxiety and solitude, and with those aspects of life we all try to keep at a distance. If Clementʼs photographs affect us so deeply, it is not only because of his great visual talent, but also because of his ability to make these subjects accessible and immediate. This is perhaps because he actually speaks of himself. In some ways his photographic work could be seen as a type of self-portrait transposed into a world with which we are all familiar.

Krass Clement – Paris: Carnet de Recherche
Gyldendal 2010
Hardback 1st edition, 208pp
Highly recommended new book by Danish photographer Krass Clement. A huge tome containing images from his times living in Paris in the 1960′s and 70′s. Sure to sell out fast and become a highly sought after book like all of Krass Clement’s other books.

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