maandag 8 oktober 2007

"Why do you own a gun?"

In 2004 after a fractious election in which the gun argument played a significant part, photo-journalist Kyle Cassidy hit the road to learn why so many people owned so many guns. His search for answers took him on a journey that extended over two years and 15,000 miles. Ultimately, more than a hundred gun owners opened their doors and their lives to him, answering the single question he asked: "why". The result is a collection of striking and thought provoking photographs: ARMED AMERICA: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes.
Few issues generate as much debate as firearms. Without taking a pro or con stance, ARMED AMERICA shows the faces of American gun owners and gives voice to each individual "why"...without ancillary comment, editorializing, or judgment. These "everyman" portraits reveal people from different backgrounds, living in various locations, with one common connection.

"I tried to remove 'gun owner' from my mind as much as possible when making the actual photograph," says Cassidy. "I would go into someone's house and immediately start thinking 'how can I capture this person or this family fairly?" While it would be very easy for any photographer to pose a man with a military weapon in a stern and menacing way, light it dramatically and come away with a shocking photograph, Cassidy chose another more accurate and startling route. "I would ask myself 'What's this guy like every day? How do his friends and family see him?' He's a guy who owns a parakeet, or two cats, or a poodle, he's got two kids--he doesn't frown all day long because he's got a gun."
This riveting collection of 100+ photos will capture every reader's attention--whatever their stance on gun control.

KYLE CASSIDY Has been a freelance writer and photographer since 1999. His photographs have been published in the New York Times, Baaron's Financial, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. He writes frequently about technology and has been an outspoken voice in the area of practical modern photographic theory. Largely known for his fashion and portrait photography, he became interested in photographing gun owners during the 2004 Presidential Election.

Armed America: Portraits of Gun Owners in Their Homes

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