vrijdag 17 oktober 2008

Brighton Photo Biennial shows Geert van Kesteren Baghdad Calling / Why Mister, Why? Photography

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Brighton Photo Biennial shows Baghdad Calling / Why Mister, Why?

Brighton Photo Biennial has included the exhibition of Baghdad Calling / Why Mister, Why? in the programme of its third edition entitled Memory of Fire: the War of Images and Images of War that will run from Friday 3 October to Sunday 16 November 2008.

'Given the continuing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, the representation of war dominates the wider culture,' as the organisation explains in their press release. 'The festival will create space for visitors to explore the complexities of war as a theme and how photography is used, with the invitation to make up their own minds and express their own views.'

Geert van Kesteren is presenting a combination of the work from his two books, Why Mister, Why? and Baghdad Calling, the latter being a multimedia combination of prints, slides projection and spoken stories from Iraqi people.

In the town centre of Brighton there is also an open air show of four of Van Kesteren's photos.

In the United Kingdom Geert van Kesteren will exhibit for the first time a combination of his two projects on Iraq. Earlier separate versions of Baghdad Calling and Why Mister, Why? were shown at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam as well as a number of other Dutch venues and at several European photography festivals.

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