woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Spotlight on Japan Paris Photo 2008 Photography

Paris Photo 2008 : A promising wind blows in from contemporary Asia

For the first time, Paris Photo turns to the Far East and is inviting Japan as its guest of honour. With work by more than 130 artists, Paris Photo will offer an exceptional overview of a unique vision, from the Meiji era to 1930’s avant-garde movements and the post-war years through to the most contemporary production.

Paris Photo invited independent curator and photography critic Mariko Takeuchi to curate “Spotlight on Japan”. See for Paris Photo 2008:200 preview picks, with a special focus on Japan

This exceptional overview of Japanese photography will consist of four parts:

In the General Sector, some 30 galleries will present Japan’s great classic and contemporarymasters.

In the Statement Section, eight invited Japanese galleries will show exciting work from a young generation of artists mainly born in the mid-sixties and seventies.

The Project Room will present a series of contemporary videos by Japanese photographers.

A publishers’ space in the Central Exhibition area will highlight the central role of the book on the Japanese photography scene. Lees verder ‘Japanse fotografen zijn filmischer en ruiger’ ...

This year Van Zoetendaal wil present new work by Paul Kooiker, Koos Breukel, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, Yuki Onodera, Kyungwoo Chun, Harold Strak, and Holger Niehaus. 13 - 16 November.Booth G07. See for THE BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY AT PARIS PHOTO 2008 ...
Looking back Paris Photo 2007 ...

© Rinko Kawauchi - Untitled, from the series of "UTATANE", 2001 - Courtesy of the artist and FOIL GALLERY,Tokyo

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