woensdag 29 oktober 2008

Coming soon Oscar van Alphen the Monography Documentary Photography

Children in the Big City Kinderen in de grote stad - Oscar van Alphen / Adriaan Morrien

B/w photographs of children in the city by Oscar van Alphen, text in Dutch by Adriaan Morrien. Design Jurriaan Schrofer.(PBC 96, 97) A wonderful book depicting children in the big city. A book contemporary of Doisneau’s Gosses de Paris (1956) and of which many pictures are reminiscent of Helen Levitt (Ways of seeing is from 1965). Lees verder ...

Oscar van Alphen Alphen aan den Rijn, 8 September 1923
Pseudonym of Cees Nieuwenhuizen. After graduating from naval college he studied social geography for a few years, and then started to work for a trade company. Initially he was chiefly interested in technical photography but later on he focused more and more on the social aspects of photography. During the fifties and sixties he mainly photographed the post-war reconstruction of the Netherlands. From 1970 onwards his photographs became more journalistic in nature and more socially conscious. In his work he combines images with texts. In 1973 he was awarded first prize in the World Press Photo "features" category.

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