donderdag 9 oktober 2008

Last Respects Een Laatste Groet by Marrie Bot Documentary Photography

Marrie Bot's photos in 'Een laatste groet' (last respects) depict the funerals of different people from different cultures and religions living in the Netherlands.

Bot attended more than a hundred funerals from 1990 onwards and recorded the rituals of the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and non-churchgoing Dutch people. She shows traditional aspects, as well as recently developed customs. In addition, she photographed rituals concerning the death delivery of Creoles, Cape Verdians, Chinese, Pakistani Muslims, Iran Muslims, Surinam-Javanese Muslims and Surinam Hindus living in the Netherlands.

Bot does not show death in a frightening or in a sensational way; the viewer does not feel like an intruder, for the photos incite a silent amazement and awe.

The surviving relatives' care for the deceased is the main focus of the photos. Lees verder ...
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