donderdag 16 oktober 2008

Paper Movies Klein Eggleston Adams Sternfeld Meyerowitz Ruscha The Genius of Photography

BBC4 Series in 6 episodes a documentary of the history of photography.

Programme 4: Paper Movies

The three decades from the late 1950s onwards was the real golden age of photographic journeys. Programme 4 relives the journeys that produced some of the 'greatest paper movies' ever: Including Robert Frank's odyssey through 50s America and William Klein's one-man assault on the sidewalks of New York. It also examines the arrival of colour as a credible medium for 'serious' photographers, as controversial at the time as Dylan going electric. Contributors include legendary photographers like William Klein, William Eggleston, Robert Adams, Joel Sternfeld, Joel Meyerowitz and artist Ed Ruscha.

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