dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

I Like ... coffee, chocolate, sugar, locorice ... Marcel van der Vlugt Photography

Coffee, 2001, gicléeprint, 82,3 x 105 cm. From the series I Like...

marcel van der vlugt I LIKE...see the complete series at:www.marcelvandervlugt.com

In the new theme series I Like... from Marcel van der Vlugt (born in 1957), the cliche image of beauty so commonly used in advertising is shattered. Beauty is a term primarily employed in fashion magazines; the alluring advertisement photographs show beautiful young women searching for the eternal ideal of beauty. These beauty cliches form the theme in the series I Like...As one of the most important Dutch fashion photographers, Van der Vlugt examines another aspect of the term beauty in this series. The model of perfectionism is destroyed. Instead of the finest care products, he decorates his model with pastes, sludges and littering composed of materials from his own addiction and stimulant arsenal: coffee, chocolate, sugar, licorice, ham, cola, etc.With these unaccustomed substances, Van der Vlugt transforms the models' faces. Other associations are conjured up from the subconscious like in a surrealistic theatre show. The enticing image of beauty is turned into a mirror in the series I Like..., showing us our fears and our darkest desires. This leads to probing pictures that arouse feelings of disgust but at the same time confirm the eroticism and pure aesthetics of the images.

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