woensdag 10 augustus 2016

Various Photographs G. P. Fieret (1924 - 2009) Bubb Kuyper Auctions Photography

(Selfportrait with Nol Kroes and Fred Smits)

Fieret, G.P. (1924-2009) 
Gerard Fieret Boundless Shoreless Unlimited Photography | Promote Your Page Too

(Selfportrait with bowler hat, holding a white banner).

"In een later atelier"

Untitled (Photograph of a worn photographic self portrait)

(Photographs by Fieret at an exhibition)

(Photograph of a photograpic self-portrait with the photographer reflected in the glass frame)

(Street scene)

(Still life with photographs)

(Wall with two pinned photographs and a pinned newspaper clipping)

(Selfportrait with a friend)

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