donderdag 2 juni 2016

KunstRai Amsterdam 2016 Terlou Hesseling Hoogendijk Smulders Lempart Blanca Dijkstra Natkiel Wolf Dibbets van Zadelhoff Photography

KunstRAI is the oldest art fair for contem porary art in the Netherlands. At KunstRAI you find not only contemporary autonomous art, but also applied arts and design. Among the 64 participants this year there are many young and upcoming galleries, who will show innovative and surprising art by starting artists in RAW EDGE and PICCOLO booths. Here you may find the next Banksy or Karel Appel, who by the way, are also represented in the fair by renowned galleries.

Next to their regular booth, many participants have dedicated a solostand to one of their artist whom in their eyes deserves particular attention from the public.

There are several extras on the fair:
With Focus Berlin, KunstRAI revives an old tradition of inviting foreign galleries to participate as a group in the event. Berlin as an art-minded city has for many years appealed to Dutch artists and art lovers. It is therefore with pleasure that KunstRAI, in close cooperation with the German Embassy to the Netherlands, will bring a piece of this Berlin inspirational force to The Netherlands. Berlin galleries will add a high-quality and distinctive contribution to the event

 Ruben Terlou

 Martijn Hesseling

 Micky Hoogendijk

Margriet Smulders

Mathias Lempart

 Paul Blanca

 Rieneke Dijkstra

 Max Natkiel

 Michael Wolf

 Jan Dibbets

 Danielle van Zadelhoff

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