donderdag 14 juni 2012

Destroyed Wealth Here lives my home Eddo Hartmann Photography

Hier woont mijn huis /Here lives my home

ISBN: 978 94 014 02248
Formaat: 24 x 30 cm 74 pag.
Uitvoering: full color druk met hardcover linnen omslag
Vormgeving: Sonja van Hamel 
Uitgeverij Lannoo:

A gripping visual testimony
On 15 March 2008, the photographer Eddo Hartmann went through something that, for other people, will only remain a thought-experiment. After twenty-one years, he stepped inside the rooms of his childhood once again and saw that, as he did so, everything and nothing had changed. Everything – because a thick layer of papers, folders, letters and books covered the floors, tables, sofas and chairs. Nothing – because under that layer everything was still intact, everything was standing or lying exactly as it did when his brother, his mother and he had left the place in haste on 17 October 1987.

What effect does the confrontation with the rooms, objects and interiors of your childhood have on your memories? And what if those memories are of traumatic events? Hartmann confronts the house and registers in this impressive work in minute detail what he discovers in each room.

Eddo Hartmann (b. 1973) was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Apart from his personal oeuvre he also works as a freelance photographer for advertising agencies and design studios in the Netherlands and abroad. His work can be found in various Dutch photo collections and has received several awards. Early 2012 he was nominated for the prestigious Swiss ‘Prix Prictet’.

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