zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Nan Goldin Poste Restante Exhibition & Biography Photography

The Ballad of Sexual Dependency
Expected in October in Nederlands Fotomuseum: Poste Restante, 4 slideshows showing the photography from American photographer Nan Goldin (1953). Some critized her exploitation of ‘heroin chic’, though her work is about more than the mere depiction of drug use and sorrow lives. She debuted with The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency, which is about gender politics, relationships and how she sees her friends as family. From the beginning Goldin mostly used slideshows as her medium of presentation, for it allows her to really affect the viewer emotionally. In the Fotomusuem, four slideshows are brought together, ready to carry you away in the whirl of rough and romantic emotions exhibited by her and her friends lifes.

nan goldin the hugGoldin_01_body

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