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Collectors Tip Postwar housing in the Netherlands Cary Markerink Theo Baart Architecture Photography

Wonen in naoorlogse wijken / Postwar housing in the Netherlands (1986)
Photography Cary Markerink Theo Baart
Text Ethel Portnoy Jan Rutten
 Ethel Portnoy Jan Rutten
Size 210*235mm 64 pages
Design Fred Struving
Print Lecturis
Publisher Fragment
ISBN 90 6579 018 7

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam commissions every year one or two photographers to document an aspect of the Dutch life. The theme for the competition of 1986 was postwar housing. Cary Markerink and I (Theo Baart) , we won this competition independently with totally different proposals and without knowing each other. Cary and I hardly met during this year. There was no collaboration what so ever. Only during the preparing of the exhibition we met and discussed our presentation. That was the start of longtime friendship and collaboration on several projects.

The Rijksmuseum commission was won by me with work that I had made in Hoofddorp. In Hoofddorp I worked again for the Rijksmuseum commission and used these photographs later on in the book Bouwlust. The small modernistic town of Nagele was part of my contribution and these photographs became the starting point of the Nagele project done with Cary Markerink in 1988; and I still think these Rijksmuseum photographs are the highlights of my body of work in the first Nagele [Revisited] publication. 

All the photos in the Rijksmuseum collection can be seen on line using this link. 

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