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N.V. Nederlandsche Machinefabriek ‘Artillerie-Inrichtingen’ Jan Schiet Company Photography

N. V. Nederlandsche Machinefabriek 'Artillerie-Inrichtingen'. Photography Jan Schiet
Hembrug/ Zaandam, 1957, 10 b&w photographs / fotogram, interieur- en exterieuropnamen / kogels, bedrijfsruimten., NN, Firmenschrift, Photographie - Monographie - Auftragsphotographie, commissioned photography - Nederland, Niederlande - 20. Jahrh.

The heyday of Dutch industrial photography books 1945 1965

Photographer Paul Huf Paul Huff: Highlights (English and Dutch Edition) once commented succinctly on his work as follows: 'They get what they ask for, but I deliver damn good work' - the very thing that makes industrial photography books so attractive. The books show work from a period during which photographers could not make a living as artists/photographers and depended on such prestigious commissions. With this highly professional approach, photographers like Violette Cornelius Violette Cornelius and Ata Kando: Hungarian Refugees 1956, Cas Oorthuys 75 Jaar Bouwen, Van ambacht tot industrie 1889-1964, Ed van der Elsken , Ad Windig Het water - Schoonheid van ons land and Paul Huf established their reputations and influenced our present-day impression of workers and entrepreneurs in the postwar Netherlands. Experimental poets and well-known writers also contributed to these books, fifty of which are on show. 'Het bedrijfsfotoboek 1945-1965. Professionalisering van fotografen in het moderne Nederland' Het Bedrijfsfotoboek 1945-1965 . 

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