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Dunkerque & Paris, FRANCE, Ville De Dunkerque & Biro, Editeur., 2006, First Edition. (ISBN: 2-35119-017-3) Pictorial Self-Wrappers, Square 8vo, 128pp, 51 color illustrations. Text in French and Dutch. Published in conjunction with a 2006 French exhibition, this striking book of William Eggleston's vibrant color photographs of the harbor of Dunkerque (near the Flemish border) was issued in an extremely limited printing.

William Eggelston has a unique ability to find beauty and striking displays of color in ordinary scenes. His idea of 'the democratic camera posits that by looking patiently at what others ignore, or turn away from, interesting things can be seen. Like previous works on Plains. Georgia and Los Alamos, New Mexico, Spirit of Dinkerque contains quiet, haunting photos of the industrial port city of Dunkerque, France, each masterfully composed and bursting with unexpected color. Pictures of the port's cargo tanks and ships are blended with intermittent reminders of the natural world surrounding the industrial center, each simultaneously static and dynamic. William Eggleston had the first solo exhibition of color photography at the Museum of Modern Art. He is known for his association with the Warhol crowd in the seventies and for his starkly beautiful camera work.

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3.0 out of 5 stars WAIT FOR LIBRARY COPY May 12, 2008
This is not the greatest, nor even close to the greatest work Eggleston has done. Perhaps he is given too much credit these days and can get away with a mediocre body of work such as this. After 15 or so images you've seen it all. The color palette gets tiring after a few images as much of the photographs are a conglomerate of Blue and Red (orange) hues found in the industrial port vicinity of Dunkerque. As always with Mr. Eggleston, we anxiously await the next image in our page turnings of his books. It's hard refraining from buying any publication of his as all of his books have been exceptional, including his latest ones "5X7" and "Los Alamos". I would say this one might best be checked out at the Library. Who knows, maybe I'll appreciate this book more upon further viewings, but I'm not eager to flip through it anytime soon again. That is not usually the case with Eggleston's books. Here's another case where an artist is given a bit too much credit and commissioned to document a place that ultimately presents the viewer with very little to chew on. Save your dollars during these economic low points and venture over to the library for "Spirit of Dunkerque".

Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
I had actually been put off in buying this book based on the previous review. My favorite Eggleston photos have been those done in and around his own turf--Memphis and the Southern USA. But after putting it off for months, I went ahead and ordered "Spirit of Dunkerque" and now I am pleased to report the work is a delight through and through. This is pure "Eggleston photographs". The work is much better, in my opinion than his "Paris" work. Eggleston appears to have developed a relationship with the city of Dunkerque that never shows in "Paris". While not as expansive as the huge "Los Alamos" project or as groundbreaking as "Guide" and "Democratic Forest", this volume is another winning portfolio any Eggleston lover will enjoy fully. I give it four and a half stars only because I love it a little less than some of the earlier works.

 I think it's a good intro to W. Eggleston November 4, 2012
It was the only W. Eggleston's book available in my city's bookshop in France... Perhaps this book is not relevant of the main work W. Eggleston but with it (few pages, landscape format) you get the fact.
I practiced M films systems and I was ever frustrated to work only in BW (because HCB worked in BW only, as R. Cappa for instance), this book demonstrates you how to view Colors

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