vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Fixed Forever Guantanamo Portraits Mathias Braschler Monika Fischer Photography

A Guantánamo Portfolio

Of the nearly 800 prisoners who have been detained in Guantánamo for any period of time, the great majority are no longer there. Most have simply been released and today live in their native countries or in some other country that will give them a home. The award-winning photographers Mathias Braschler and Monika Fischer, who divide their time between New York and Zurich, set out to take portraits of many of the former detainees, seeking them out in locales from London to Cairo, Tiranë to Sydney.
Sami al‐Laithi (Egyptian), I.S.N. 287.
Detained in 2001; transferred to Egypt in 2005.
Photographed in Cairo, 2010.

Lahcen Ikassrien (Moroccan), I.S.N. 72.
Detained in 2001; extradited to Spain in 2005; released in 2006.
Photographed in Madrid, 2011.

Omar Deghayes (British/Libyan), I.S.N. 727.
Detained in 2002; released in 2007.
Photographed in Brighton, England, 2011.

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