dinsdag 19 april 2011

Journey to a broken country Ukraina Pasport Federico Clavarino Photography

Ukraina Pasport is a journey to a broken country, one longing for the West, yet oozing post-Soviet decadence; a place where the echo of a revolution can hardly be heard, the colour of which says absolutely nothing. A country hard to locate, yet paradoxically a place we recognize as soon as we get there.
There, faces turn towards something which cannot be seen, but which we can sense as a haunting presence. Voluptuous bikini-clad women, cosmonauts, bears and unicorns help craft an imaginary world, one that looks as if brought to life from a child’s dream. Nevertheless, all is shrouded in an aura of loss, bitterness and helplessness.
Fiesta Ediciones publishes Federico Clavarino’s magnific series, Ukraina Pasport, a very special book inviting us to cross the borders between past and future, childhood and adult age, reality and imagination. A journey in which Federico uses Ukrania’s political and social reality to talk about nostalgia and transformation. 
ISBN 978-84-614-8375-4
First edition, Fiesta Ediciones 2011
Softcover with plastic jacket
13 x 5 cm

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