zaterdag 19 juni 2010

Photographs of a world in a state of shock Reinier Gerritsen Photography

Photographs of a world in a state of shock

Reinier Gerritsen
Wall Street Stop

Edited by Nederlands Fotomuseum, Frits Giersberg, texts by Frits Giersberg, graphic design by René Put
English, Dutch 
2010. c. 120 pp., ca. 45 color ills.
30,00 x 24,00 cm
pub. date: June 2010
ISBN 978-3-7757-2720-4

Grand Central Station in New York City

When the financial crisis of 2009 was at its peak, Reinier Gerritsen took photographs of people in the subway between Wall Street and Grand Central Station in the New York banking district. We see a variety of introverted commuters in unposed group portraits, reflecting the state of shock of a world unable to comprehend the collapse of the global financial system. In his choice of subject, Gerritsen consciously places himself within the tradition of documentary photography from Walker Evans to Bruce Davidson and their fascination with everyday metropolitan life. See for Review/Photography; What Walker Evans Saw on His Subway Rides ...
Gerritsen assembles his photos from a number of shots taken in rapid succession, and refers to his documentary series as a construct, thereby placing his work at the center of the discussion on the significance of documentary photography in the year 2010. Zie voor een recensie ...
Exhibition schedule: Nederlans Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, June 26–September 12, 2010

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