dinsdag 30 december 2008

Hundred photographs for the Freedom of the Press Photojournalism Photography


par 100 PHOTOGRAPHES entre autres: D. BURNETT... GILLES CARON... CARTIER-BRESSON... R. DEPARDON... DOISNEAU... GAMMA LIAISON... KLEIN... LEIBOVITZ... PAVLOVSKY... REUTER... MARC RIBOUD... WILLY RONIS... G. RONDEAU... SPENGLER... ETC... - 1993 - 196 pages - couverture souple - dimensions: 30 x 22 cm

zondag 28 december 2008

Best Photo Books 2008 by Jörg Colberg Photography

While there were many great books published this year, finding the one that I enjoyed the most was surprisingly easy this year. Despite the high quality of many books I saw in 2008, Hiroh Kikai's Asakusa Portraits has had me coming back to it, ever since I managed to get my own copy (just as an aside, this will hopefully also silence those who claim that I don't like b/w photography). Asakusa Portraits easily fulfills all criteria of a great book: Fantastic photography, a great interview with the photographers, and an extremely wonderful text written by the photographer.

In addition to Asakusa Portraits my "best of 2008" list also contains the following books, which I'm going to list in alphabetical order (using the photographer's last name):

Olaf Otto Becker's Broken Line is a book of vast, immensely beautiful landscapes taken in Greenland, a land about to change drastically as the planet is heating up.

Jonas Bendiksen's The Places We Live shows the "apartments" of inhabitants of slums - a single room, with the fold-out pages showing each wall. The photos come along with the voices of the people living in those places (in the form of text).

Mathieu Bernard-Reymond's TV transcends "pure" photography through its use of additional digital processing. While this is sure to have purists scoff, it shows very well how digital technologies can be used creatively in contemporary photography.

Peter Bialobrzeski's Lost In Transition, shot in Peter's signature style - another commentary on how things are starting to look the same, regardless of where you are on this planet.

Joakim Eskildsen and Cia Rinne's The Roma Journeys is a vast and almost overwhelming portrayal of the life of the Roma in different countries. It even includes a CD with "field recordings" of music.

Rob Hornstra's (self-published) 101 Billionaires is a survey of Russia, according to The Economist a recovering world power and a corrupt oligopoly at the same time.

Chen Jiagang's Third Front shows the changing China, using the eyes of a Chinese photographer. A very welcome addition to the often somewhat superficial Westerners' gaze.

Mikhael Subotzky's Beaufort West portrays life in a small town in South Africa. The photography is stunning, in more than just one way. Both Mikhael's and Jonas' work show what contemporary photojournalism can achieve (if it's not frozen in conventions).

zaterdag 27 december 2008

Koen Wessing Djarama PAICG pictures from Guinee-Bissau Photojournalism Photography

WESSING KOEN Djarama PAICG Obrigado PAICG Imagens da Guiné-Bissau Uma Repor tagem Foto grafica de Koen Wessing
Lisboa, Edicao C.I.D.A.C. 1974. (ISBN: 90 269 5819 6) Pictorial Softcover, 10" - 8". Unpaginated. 48 pages. 60 b/w photographs by Koen Wessing reproduced with captions in portuguese. Wessing is the author of a famous book on Chile published in 1973 (Chile september 1973).

maandag 22 december 2008

Photographers of the Night New York Perspectives Photography

Expecting Exhibition New York Perspectives may 2009 Foam Stadsarchief Amsterdam John Adams Institute, lees verder ...

The Island A digital-historical adventure about the relationship between New York and Amsterdam.Organized by the John Adams Institute & the Waag Society.The year 2009 will mark the 400th anniversary of the voyage of Henry Hudson to the New World and the charting of the river that bears his name. As Hudson traveled on behalf of the Dutch, this will be the occasion of a year-long celebration of the beginning of Dutch-American relations, with dozens of events taking place on both sides of the Atlantic. The anniversary is the inspiration behind The Island, a new digital frontier through which high school students will experience history. See for more ...

Photographers of the Night : Carl Wooley, Frank van der Salm, Hans Wilschut ...

donderdag 18 december 2008

50 Photography Must Read Books

50 photography must read books (thanks to katherine dexter) :

1928 – Die Welt ist Schon by Albert Renger Patsch
1930 – Atget Photographe de Paris by Eugene Atget
1933 – Paris de Nuit by Brassaï
1936 – The English at Home by Bill Brandt
1937 – You Have Seen Their Faces by Margaret Bourke-White and Erskine Caldwell*
1937 – Beauty of the Olympic Struggle by Leni Riefenstahl
1938 – American Photographs by Walker Evans
1939 – An American Exodus by Dorothea Lange and Paul Taylor*
1939 – Changing New York by Bernice Abbott
1941 – Let Us Now Praise Famous Men by Walker Evans and James Agee
1945 – Naked City by Weegee
1952 – The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier Bresson
1955 – The Sweet Flypaper of Life by Roy Decarava and Langston Hughes*
1959 – The Americans by Robert Frank

1959 – Jazz by Ed Van der Elsken

1961 – Perspective of Nudes by Bill Brandt
1964 – The End of the Game by Peter Beard*
1964 – A Way of Seeing by Helen Levitt
1966 – Many Are Called by Walker Evans
1966 – Every Building on Sunset Strip by Ed Rusche
1966 – Andy Warhol’s Index by Andy Warhol
1968 – The Bikeriders by Danny Lyon*
1969 – The Animals by Garry Winogrand
1970 – Anonyme Skulpturen by Bernd and Hilla Becher
1970 – East 100th St. by Bruce Davidson
1970 – Self Portrait by Lee Friedlander
1970 – Diary of a Century by Jacques Henri Lartigue
1971 – Tulsa by Larry Clark*
1971 – Conversations with the Dead by Danny Lyon*
1972 – Diane Arbus by Diane Arbus
1973 – Wisconsin Death Trip by Michael Lesy
1973 – Suburbia by Bill Owens
1974 – The New West by Robert Adams
1974 – The New Industrial Parks Near Irvine California by Lewis Baltz
1975 – Vagabond by Gaylord Herron*
1976 – William Eggleston’s Guide by William Eggleston
1976 – The American Monument by Lee Friedlander
1976 – Carnival Strippers by Susan Meiselas*
1977 – Evidence by Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan
1979 – Lisette Model by Lisette Model
1980 – Citizens of the Twentieth Century by August Sander
1982 – A Loud Song by Danny Semore*
1983 – Telex Iran by Gilles Peres*
1983 – The Lines of My Hand by Robert Frank*
1985 – Rich and Poor by Jim Goldberg*
1986 – The Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Godlin*
1986 – O Rio de Janeiro by Bruce Weber
1986 – The Last Resort by Martin Parr
1991 – Fait by Sophie Ristelheuber
1994 – Menschlich by Christian Boltansky
“*” = important use of text or quotes

woensdag 17 december 2008

the Beauty of Street Photography Photojournalism

The Beauty Of Street Photography
By Andrew Gibson and Smashing Editorial Team

Street photographers strive to capture the life and culture of city streets, searching for what Henri Cartier-Bresson, probably the most famous street photographer of all, termed the ‘Decisive Moment’.

When it comes to street photography, many photographers traditionally choose to work in black and white, focusing the viewer’s attention on the subject by eliminating the distraction of colour. Wide angle lenses are used by photographers who like to get in close to the action, a method that encourages interaction between the photographer and subject. Another technique is use a lens with a long focal length to take photos from a distance and throw the background out of focus.

Smashing Magazine celebrates the diversity and livelinesss of the world’s streets by presenting you 50 excellent examples of street photography, urban photography and photojournalism.

Please notice: we didn’t feature Garry Winogrand, Bruce Gilden, Martin Parr, Henri Cartier-Bresson and other famous photographers — their works deserve a single post.

See also Rineke Dijkstra An urban history of Photography ... &
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Dutch Eyes Kors van Bennekom Street Family Photography Photojournalism ...

maandag 15 december 2008

Milano by Mario Carrieri Neo-Realism Photojournalism Photography

Thema: Photo - Mario Carrrieri Milano du. Kulturelle Monatsschrift. 20. Jg., Juni 1960

Mario Carrieri was a leading photojournalist and cinematographer who devoted himself to photographing Milan for two years between 1957 and 1959. The obvious influence here is William Klein, whose book New York was published in Italy (among other countries). As Parr & Badger explain, however, the tone of Carrieri's work sidesteps the humor inherent to Klein's style. As such, he "confines himself to the city's grittier aspects, being drawn to the desolate outer suburbs, and even when photographing the city's glamorous center, he manages to make it look dark and dangerous...It's concentration on the seamier side of life makes Milano one of the most important works of the neo-realist tendency of the late 1950s."

Carrieri was influenced by William Klein"s Life is Good & Good For You in New York and shared a similarly raw view, though his layout is slightly more restrained. Carrieri spent time photographing in the suburbs as well as in the centre of Milan, focusing his attention mostly on the less glamorous working side of this hard Italian city. "One of the most important works of the neo-realist tendency of the 1950s" (Parr). In the same year as Milano, Italia, Klein published his own impressions of Italy in Rome: The City and Its People. Parr, M. and Badger, G., The Photobook: A History Vol.I, p.214; Auer, M. and M., 802 photo books, p.393.

Best PhotoBooks of 2008 by 5B4 Photography

Best Books of 2008

Another year has passed and that basically just means that more books have been published and many more are on the way. This was obviously an exciting year for me with my venture into the world of publishing and this list is a tip of the hat to projects that made me envious. Each exhibits strengths that make them destined for a long shelf life and educates as to the potential for book-making. Certainly I have missed many other great titles that have slipped past my radar but here are my picks for 2008. Check them out and enjoy.

1 Invaze 68 by Josef Koudelka (Torst/Aperture) Many weren't too sure of this one but I love it. I prefer the Torst Czech version with the recycled paper cover but need the Aperture edition for the texts.

2 101 Billionaires by Rob Hornstra (Borotov) The biggest surprise of Paris Photo. Missed out on his first but won't miss out on future ones.

3 Pretend You're Actually Alive by Leigh Ledare (PPP Editions) Great first book (even with the misshapen slipcase) from this young artist and I hope he keeps making 'em with the same intensity.

4 A New History of Photography by Ken Schles (Schaden/White Press) Inventive, witty, smart and great book craftsmanship and concept.

5 Beaufort West by Mikhail Subotzky (Chris Boot) My very first impression was not favorable...needless to say it has grown on me...and grown on me...

6 Sent A Letter by Dayanita Singh (Steidl) Delicate, quiet and very interesting.

7 Wonderland by Jason Eskanazi (De.Mo) A long time coming and well worth the wait.

8 Solitude of Ravens by Masahisa Fukase (Rathole) a reworking of an old masterpiece.

9 South East by Mark Steinmetz (Nazraeli) The second in what will be a trilogy. Mark is well due his moment and this is another that shows why.

10 A Road Trip Journal by Stephen Shore (Phaidon) Way too pricey to the point where I might say it isn't worth it but I like it too much.

Runners Up...

11 Living with War/Protest the War by Judith Joy Ross (Steidl) OK, it's two books but they seem inseperable.

12 Avenue Patrice Lumumba by Guy Tillim (Prestel/Peabody Museum).

13 Secrets of Real Estate by John Gossage (Sheldon Art)

14 Bird by Roni Horn (Steidl) Almost too short to be wholly satisfying but still a favorite.

15 Peru by Robert Frank (Steidl)

Last year I caught a lot of grief from friends who joked that my 'best of' list totaled 35 books so this year I am keeping it to just 15. It's a bit easier on your wallet.

Feel free to make your own Best of 2008 list and contribute it to the comments section. I want to know what I missed. See for the list of 2007 ...