zondag 31 oktober 2010

Skiing Avenue Magazine December 1969 Ed van der Elsken Photojournalism Photography

Ed van der Elsken


The life of photographer, filmmaker, artist and world traveler Ed van der Elsken was connected intimately with his work. He did not hide behind the camera, but used it to get in touch with the people he preferred to photograph: eccentric characters in the large metropolises, often belonging to the lower strata of society.

Ed van der Elsken's life and work can be divided into three periods. His time in Paris (1950-1954) is connected with his first wife, Ata Kando, and his first photo book, Een liefdesgeschiedenis in Saint Germain des Prés (A Love Story in Saint Germain des Prés),  published in 1956, which received a lot of attention internationally.

The second period (1955-1970) is determined by Amsterdam and the many trips he made, alone or with his second wife Gerda van der Veen. Some of the most important, internationally published books from this period are Bagara (1958), Jazz (1959) and Sweet Life (1966).

The third period (1971-1990) is strongly connected with his last place of residence, Edam, and the rural life he shared there with Anneke van der Elsken-Hilhorst. During these years, Van der Elsken made a large number of travel reports, commissioned by the magazine Avenue (1967-1979). He also travelled to Japan regularly. The most important books from this period include: his first photo book in colour, Eye love you (1977), Amsterdam! Oude foto's (Old Pictures) 1947-1970 (1979), Avonturen op het land (Adventures in the Country, 1980), De ontdekking van Japan (The discovery of Japan, 1988) and Once upon a Time (1991), composed by Van der Elsken himself and published posthumously.

zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

the Massacre at Mylai Ron Haeberle The Plain Dealer Life Magazine Photojournalism Photography

Ron Haeberle, a Fairview High School graduate, was a combat photographer in Vietnam. He was in the village of My Lai in 1968 when 300 Vietnamese civilians were killed by American troops. Haeberle, who still lives in Northeast Ohio, has finally broken his silence about got the photos and the impact they have had on his life and the history of his country.

Photographer remembers My Lai Massacre

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

One Ride with Yankee Papa 13 Larry Burrows Life Magazine Photojournalism Photography

In 1965 British photographer Larry Burrows joined an American army helicopter flight over Vietnam. The result is a prime example of both the horrors of war as a ‘rite of passage’ for young soldiers and a classical photo-essay, a genre that reached its peak in the mid-twentieth century with picture magazines such as Life.

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Panic in the Needle Park Bill Eppridge Life Magazine Photojournalism Photography

Bill Eppridge has been a leading photojournalist for more than 35 years. Among his most famous work is the landmark photo essay on drug use, 'Needle Park', which won the 1964 Headliner Award. That story later inspired the motion picture, 'Panic in Needle Park' starring Al Pacino. In 1966 and 1968, Eppridge photographed the presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy even accompanying him to the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles where an assassin's bullet fatally struck the Senator.

Busboy Juan Romero tries to comfort Presidential candidate Bobby Kennedy after assassination attempt, June 5, 1968

woensdag 27 oktober 2010


The Country Doctor photo essay was an intimate portrait of life and death in the a small rural town of Kremmling, Colorado.   Ernest Ceriani was the doctor that Smith shadowed for 23 days, capturing the drama in everyday events in the small town. Smith achieved this extra- ordinary intimacy by, in his own words, "Fading into the wallpaper"

The assignment was not without it's problems, as Smith ignored Life Magazine's proposed images and strict deadlines,   but the published essay became a benchmark for picture essays and photojournalism in the 1940's and 50's. 

maandag 25 oktober 2010

an Impression of The Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2010 Leeuwarden Photography

The Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2010 will open on Sunday, 5 September, in the Fries Museum. In Land - Country Life in the Urban Age, Noorderlicht looks at the consequences that urbanisation has for the countryside. Simultaneously, Warzone, an exhibition examining the experience of war on the part of soldiers dispatched to conflict areas, is to be seen in the Blokhuispoort. See for interviews ...

Land – Country Life in the Urban Age

Since the beginning of the 21st century, more than half of the world's population live in cities. What are the consequences of this shift for the countryside? Is it possible, against all economic logic, to accord new value to rural life?


On the basis of work by top photographers including Ad van Denderen, Martin Specht, Paul Seawright, Peter van Agtmael and Antonin Kratochvil,Warzone pauses to examine the experience of soldiers who have been dispatched to conflict areas in recent history.

Guided Tour by Harry Cock
Harry Cock

Portraits, industrial photography, architecture, still-lifes, landscapes, the ups and downs of everyday life: it is all to be found in the work of the Groningen photographer Harry Cock. His photographs are primarily done in the north of the country, and are shown in both regional and national venues. One of his central themes is how people seek to hang on in the face of changing circumstances. Equally striking is his nimble and humorous approach.