zondag 9 juni 2013

A Portrait For Breakfast in Berlin by Jasper Groen Naarden Fotofestival 2013 Photography

A Portrait For Breakfast by Jasper Groen is an attempt to portray the future generation of creative personalities. In 10 to 20 years time some of the photographed youngsters might determine what we see, hear or read in the press or in theaters. The title refers to the fact that portraits are uploaded daily around the time Western Europe people eat breakfast. FOAM, museum for photography in Amsterdam, exhibited a selection of portraits in April 2012.  Starting from September 2012 a German version of this series was produced in Berlin. This series will be exhibited during Fotofestival Naarden. Right now Groen is working in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with financial support of the Dutch embassy and the VandenEnde Foundation. The prestigious Centro Cultural Recoleta will host an exhibition with Argentine and Dutch portraits from May 8 till June 2.

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