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Nightlife Club Roxy Amsterdam in the 90s Graphic Design Photography

Radical outlet for the Xenomaniac in You: The Complete Flyer Collection, 1987-1999" has been compiled by JeanPaul Commandeur, one of RoXY's first designers. It spares no expense, a leather-bound, 400+ page anthology of not just the flyers but salacious stories from the creators, audio clips from Peter Giele himself, even the RoXY card game, with a limited run of 1000. Photography Erwin Olaf, Cleo Campert & Gerald van der Kaap.

Cleo Campert is a versatile photographer since 1988, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is autodidact, between 1986 and 1989 she worked as the assistant to the photographers Bob van Dantzig, Erwin Olaf and Rineke Dijkstra. In 2002 she published the photobook Uit (which means Out). UIT is the definitive photobook of the effervescent party life of the 1990s.

RoXY Club the legend

The Roxy Years

Artist Pieter Giele's motto Ab igne ignem capere or 'one fire ignites another' was both the beginning of Amsterdam's infamous club, RoXY and the end.

When setting up the club his passion and perfectionism to produce something amazing delayed its opening from a hopeful 1986 New Year's Eve to the end of July 1987 and was three times over budget. In death, as in life, on the day of his funeral in 1999, the club went up in flames.

RoXY - for art's sake

In its time, however, RoXY was Holland's premier house club and birthed a scene that is now a multi-million dollar industry with Amsterdam boasting some of the best DJs in the world. Though not just a club, RoXY was also a performance space and meeting place for artists of every discipline; DJs, painters, sculptors, dancers, graphic designers, to ply their wares. It attracted the famous punters like Madonna and Julio Iglesias to the dance floor while Neneh Cherry felt the rough end of that infamously elitist velvet rope when the door policy denied her wearing trainers.

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Iatromante zei

Where could I find a larger image of Inez & Peter Giele in front of The Roxy please?

Iatromante zei

Hi and thanks for this post!

Could you let me know where I could find a larger image of Inez & Peter Giele in front of The Roxy please?

Sophia zei

This is really a nice blog i like all the pictures in it and what a description of clubbing that's outstanding.........
Nightlife clubs venue

Unknown zei

Hi all,
These are photos I made in the beginning of the 90ties.
If you want to buy prints you can email me: cleo(at)cleocampert.nl.
Cleo Campert, Amsterdam