dinsdag 16 februari 2010

Chernobyl Certificate 000358/ Robert Knoth Photography

By Robert Knoth and Antoinette de Jong
Editing by Mahmoud Al Massad

This project has covered four locations in the former Soviet Union where major nuclear accidents or atomic testing have taken place. It shows how millions have to live with the social, environmental and economic consequences and of course with the detrimental effects of these disasters on their health.

Chernobyl was by no means exceptional; it was just another example in a series of devastating nuclear accidents that have taken place in the last 45 years in the former Soviet Union.

The project is very much linked to the current discussion about climate change and the need to secure our energy supply of tomorrow. Nuclear energy is being presented as an alternative to fossil energy sources.

Certificate 000358/ from Metro Collective on Vimeo.

GOMEL/BELARUS - Irina and Yelena Patuchenko, both sisters had brain tumours. In 1998 Irina was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Three months later, her sister Yelena had to go into hospital, with the same diagnose. Irina's left arm is partly paralyzed because of the surgery.

VESNOVA/BELARUS - Natasha Popova (12) and Vadim Kuleshov ((8), Natasha was born with microcephaly; her head is too small. Vadim has a bone disease and is also mentally retarded.

BUDA KASHELOVA/BELARUS - Nastya Eremenko was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus when she was three years old. Later on she also had metastasis in her lungs. Nastya has had several blocks of chemotherapy.

Vasily Lyskovetz born with a bone disease in the Mogilov region.

Galina Miroshnichenko has thyroid cancer.

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