zaterdag 13 februari 2010

Between the two continents by ferry boat Istanbul Nicole Segers Photography

Photographer Nicole Segers traveled to the Bosporus in 2007, the area that marks the borderline between Europe and Asia and runs through Istanbul. She traveled between the two continents by ferry boat. During her trip she made a photo series reporting her journey between the two shores and of the life within the city that joins together two continents. Her photographs show a succession of encounters, both on deck of the ferry and on the mainland. On board people drink tea, read newspapers and gaze out of the window while day-dreaming. On the mainland the laundry hangs out to dry, fish is sold and we get a glimpse of life indoors: in the living-room, at the hairdresser's and in a provisional canteen. Segers' series of photographs shows the contrast between the short-lived and relative quietness during the journey on water and the liveliness of the hectic city. The Kunsthal has previously displayed another series of photographs by Segers, entitled ‘The End of Europe' (2004). Lees een recensie ...

Lemniscaat Publishers presents the book 'The Ferry Boat of Istanbul: Encounters along the Bosporus' with photographs of Nicole Segers and texts of Irene van der Linde (ISBN 978 90 477 0215 3). See also Dutch Turkish Eyes Ahmet Polat Neither here nor there Photography ... &

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