zondag 7 februari 2010

Berufsverbote Germany in the 70s Het rijke onvermogen Oscar van Alphen Photojournalism

Het rijke onvermogen. Een fotoreportage over West-Duitsland

(Van Gennep, Amsterdam 1978);

Oscar van Alphen (pseudonym for Kees Nieuwenhuizen) started taking photographs in the Second half of the 1950s in what is known as the 'humanist' tradition - reportage photography with a focus on people and the vicissitudes of human existence. Following the success of his book "Kinderen in de grote stad" (Children in the Big City) 1958, in the 1960s van Alphen, who was self-taught, produced several books of photographs and carried out assignments for newspapers and periodicals. He was admitted to the GKf and gradually became more openly politically engaged. In 1982 he was the first Dutch photographer to produce a book on the Palestine problem.

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