zaterdag 10 oktober 2009

Failure by Magazine O.K. Periodicals Graphic Design Photography

O.K. Failure #2 / March 2009

O.K. Failure #2 / March 2009

The second issue of O.K. Periodicals has the theme: Failure, or how I learned to appreciate my mistakes. Through an intriguing graphic approach, this magazine shows how to work with mistakes, and make the most of them.

Facts & Figures
Mission Statement: O.K. Periodicals is a themed biannual publication that investigates the relationship between on- and offline media. It is directly linked to O.K. Blog - an international base supplies articles on graphic design, interaction design, product design, free art, illustration and photography among other things. Furthermore, technological and scientific developments are closely monitored and reported.
30. May 2008, by O.K. Parking & Bouwe van der Molen
Based in:
Arnhem, The Netherlands
Editors / Designers:
O.K. Parking & Bouwe van der Molen
17×24cm - between 96 and 160 pages

Contact: magazine (at)

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