maandag 26 oktober 2009

Dummy Photobook 'Dagboek van een erotomaan' [Diary of a Erotomaniac] Sanne Sannes Photography


Category of object 20th century Dutch photographs
Period/Style 1950-today
Medium & Support photograph
Dimension height: 35.4 cm = 13 7/8 in.
width: 27.2 cm = 10 3/4 in.
depth: 5.2 cm = 2 in.
Museum Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum


The dummy and all but four photographs were acquired from the estate, four loose prints were bought from HUP Gallery, Amsterdam
2007, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, inv. nrs. RP-F-2007-187 t/m 194


Cécile van der Harten (ed.), Flip Bool (ed.) and Gerard van Westerloo (ed.), Cécile van der Harten and Gerard van Westerloo, Sanne Sannes, 1937-1967, Fragment, Amsterdam, 1993
Bulletin van de Vereniging Rembrandt, vol. 18, n° 1, 2008, M. Boom, H. Rooseboom, Dummy voor ‘Dagboek van een erotomaan’, p. 23-27

Sanne Sannes - Darkness & Light 30 October – 9 December 2009

Foam_Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam presents Darkness & Light, a special retrospective of the photographic oeuvre by Sanne Sannes (1937-1967). In the relatively short period of time that Sannes worked as a photographer, he managed to build up a unique portfolio. His obsession with the erotic force of the female was overpowering. Women formed his favourite subject and were an endless source of inspiration to him. Sannes photographed women over and over again in ecstatic sessions, during which he portrayed them often in the nude and at their most intimate. This intimacy is emphasized by the out-of-focus and underexposed pictures, because Sannes worked with existing light and photographed with a hand-held camera.

With his grainy erotic portraits, his relentless urge to experiment, and his non-conformist attitude Sannes came to be seen as the most promising photographer in The Netherlands during the Sixties. He worked on exhibitions both in the Netherlands and abroad. Due to his untimely death, he never truly achieved an international breakthrough - he died in a car accident at the age of thirty.

Even though his career was not a long one, the oeuvre Sannes built up was of the highest quality. The exhibition at Foam shows a cross-section of this work and contains unique vintage prints, large format prints especially made by Sannes for exhibitions, projections and parts of the mock-up of Sannes’ never-published photo book
Dagboek van een erotomaan [Diary of a Erotomaniac]. See for a review ...

See also Dirty Girl Sanne Sannes, VPRO, 1967 (18 min.) Foto-film over de fantasieën van een keurig getrouwde vrouw. Ze droomt van een bestaan waarin ze naaktmodel, prostituée en uiteindelijk moordenares van haar sullige echtgenoot is. Fotograaf en filmer Sanne Sannes stond op het punt om internationaal door te breken toen hij in 1967 onverwacht overleed.

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