woensdag 28 oktober 2009

Eye pathologies Photojournalism by Juul Hondius Photography

Eye pathologies by HIPPOLYTE BAYARD...

Juul Hondius, UN/Defender, 2000

Juul Hondius, Canal, 2000

Dutch photography: "a critical iconography of the present" is an expression used by Juul Hondius to describe his photographs, set-up scenes that deal with some of the most recurrent subjects of contemporary photojournalism, like refugees and international peace corps in former Yugoslavia and other international scenarios. These images look like thousands of news photos we've seen over and over, but have a neatness, richness of details and stillness that makes us 'stay' on the image, rather than being hit by the content and move fast on to the next one. Icons of icons, they mock the media language by restaging its subject matter, a "pathological" illustration of the numbness of our gaze on the world.

Juul Hondius, Busfront #1, 2006

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