dinsdag 24 september 2019

Impression of the Unseen Photo Festival Amsterdam 2019 Street Photography

Unseen is an international platform dedicated to contemporary photography practices. Focusing on what’s new in the international art scene, Unseen discovers and presents artworks of upcoming artists and helps them to develop their practice, as well as presenting the latest work of established artists.

Unseen creates a unique space for exchanging ideas and knowledge, hearing different voices, raising awareness of the burning issues of today and expanding the international community.

Unseen currently consists of the following:

Unseen Amsterdam is an event that lies between an art fair and a contemporary photography festival taking place in September that showcases the latest developments in the field of contemporary photography practices.

Here you can expect to discover artists, both emerging and established, whose works are asking questions that open up new ways of thinking and break existing prejudices. With over 25,000 visitors each year, we are excited to present a programme that invites and welcomes the international art community to discuss and debate the current and future issues and challenges of our reality and the world we live in. From the Fair (53 international galleries), Exhibitions and Living Room (three-day speakers programme) to the Book Market, On-site Projects and City Programme, you can immerse yourself in the real pleasure and experience of contemporary photography practice.

Unseen Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organisation that aims to increase the impact of artists working with photography on society. Unseen Foundation endeavours to launch initiatives to promote the work of emerging artists, with a specific focus on young talent. Through various events, Unseen Foundation aims to create environments where those with personal and professional interests in contemporary photography can exchange ideas - pushing the medium of photography ever forward and bringing artists into contact with new audiences every step of the way.

Unseen Platform is an online resource for artists, professionals and enthusiasts that presents artworks and projects focusing on new developments in contemporary photography. We invite curators, theoreticians and creatives to collaborate with us to create online content around the most cutting-edge projects of the moment. Follow Unseen Platform for unparalleled insights into the world of contemporary photography and visit the Unseen Shop to discover and acquire collectable artworks.

Charting key developments at the forefront of contemporary photography, Unseen Magazine is a bi-annual publication that is distributed all over the world and invites a selection of instrumental voices to provide their take on the position of the medium today.

Unseen hosts and collaborates with partners and organisations to create events that are designed to encourage international exchange and develop conversations that will engage and connect people from different cultural backgrounds. By bringing Unseen around the world, we aim to hear different voices and enlarge our community. So far, events were held in Moscow, Hamburg, Beijing, Paris and London.

Amsterdam Unseen Photo Festival september 22 2019

Amsterdam Unseen Photo Festival september 22 2019

UNSEEN AMSTERDAM 2019: A THRIVING EIGHTH EDITION. The 2019 edition of Unseen Amsterdam attracted a t

UNSEEN AMSTERDAM 2019: A THRIVING EIGHTH EDITION. The 2019 edition of Unseen Amsterdam attracted a truly global audience and strong sales.

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