woensdag 25 juli 2018

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Hoensbroek : Rosbeek; 200 ongenummerde pagina's platen, 20 cm
SCHIPPERS, K. Coca Cola.
(Hoensbroek): Rosbeek, no date (c.1983). Fantastic artists book published by Rosbeek to illustrate their creative printing. The volume comprises of over 100 hundred photographs of crushed and discarded Coca-Cola cans by Joost Guntenaar. Photographed one can per page, mostly in black and white but some in colour. A fascinating and compulsive work, one of our favourite photobooks, overlooked and under-rated. The very last picture is of a crushed and rusted Pepsi-Cola can.

Crashed Can
written by: Jaap Proost

THESE cans once quenched the thirst of men and women and, when emptied, were thrown away. And in this busy world, it didn’t took long before the cans were flattened. Normally the Coca-Cola cans would rust away in the gutter, but Herny Cannon saved these fortunate ones from oblivion. He collected them and had the desire to bundle the cans in a book. With the help of photographer Joost Guntenaar and publisher / printing office Rosbeek, Hoensbroek it came to a result. The book is filled with color and black and white photographs of trampled Coca-Cola cans.  But on the last page rival Pepsi pops up. It was the seventeenth publication illustrating the creative printing by printing office Rosbeek.

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