zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Taboe #2 1960 Ed van der Elsken Joan van der Keuken Photojournalism Photography

Louw, Andre Van Der & Zweers, Marijke (Eds.). Twen / Taboe # 02. Amsterdam: Twen, 1960. First Printing. 26.4 x 33.6 Cm.. Magazine. Good. The first "underground" magazine in The Netherlands modelled after the German Twen magazine. It had to change the name from Twen (First issue only) to Taboe as a result of a conflict with the Springer Press that had taken over Twen. Only 4 issued. The magazine is a who is who of now famous Dutch photographers and writers. Cover picture by Eddy Postuma de Boer. Illustrations by Asto, Gub, Frank Lodeizen, Fritz Muller, Oey Tjong Sit, Tomi Ungerer, K. Smit and Wil van der Zwaan. Pictures by e.g. Ed van der Elsken, Eddy de Jongh, Joan van der Keuken, Eddy Postuma de Boer and Kees Pot. Writers: Hans Andreus, Remco Campert, Ed van der Elsken, Willem Frederik Hermans (Pre-publication? from Nooit meer slapen (Never sleep again)), Frits Muller (LSD - with pictures of Frits Muler and Simon Vinkenoog taking a trip), Tom Pauka, Renate Rubinstein, Arne Zuidhoek, Ina Tammes, Friso Endt (Gerry Mulligan) and Simon Vinkenoog (see above). 102 pp., lavishly illustrated in black and white. Language: Dutch. 

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