woensdag 10 maart 2010

Highlights of Dutch Advertising Photography in the late 80s

16 Reklame fotografen in Nederland 1987.

Den Haag: P/F Publishing, 1987. Geb. 80 pag. 62 Foto's in kleur.

Het Reclamearsenaal

(The Advertising Arsenal)

... People want new, enticing, original and striking forms, an attractive drawing, a distinctive layout, a remarkable font and a special new paper ...

De Papiermolen 21-5-1933This text from De papiermolen: tijdschrift voor de grafische vakken outlines the scope of the vast collection of the Reclamearsenaal (The Advertising Arsenal). The Reclamearsenaal originated in 2001 from a fusion between the Nederlands Reclamearchief (Dutch Advertising Archive, 1981) and the Nederlands Reclame Museum (Dutch Advertising Museum, 1975).

The collection of books, printed matter, advertisements, periodicals, brochures, scrapbooks and posters from the Reclamearsenaal has largely been sorted, entered and made accessible in the Online catalogue featuring over 9,000 descriptions. It is retrievable both as a whole and by individual items under the collection codes NRM and RA. All this and more can be consulted on the website www.reclamearsenaal.nl.

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