zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Play Powerlessness, vitality, love, aggression, expression Rotterdam Carel van Hees Photography

Powerlessness, vitality, love, aggression, expression...
>Play is about what it is like to be young, anywhere and in all eras. For three years the Rotterdam photographer Carel van Hees turned his camera on the youth of Rotterdam. He focused on their character, their aura and energy. His intense black and white photography is rooted in the strong Dutch documentary tradition of human interest photography. Lees verder ...

Since 1980, Carel van Hees (b. 1954 in Rotterdam) has been working as documentary photographer in assignment for advertising agencies, companies, municipal institutions and for a range of weekly and monthly magazines such as Vrij Nederland and NRC M Magazine. Next to these assignments he concentrates on his own projects.

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