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Rotterdam Peripheral Pilgrimages Bas Princen Artist Book Photography

Type: artist book

Publication date: 2007

Witte de With and Rotterdam 2007 City of Architecture proudly present the publication ROTTERDAM – a distinguished volume containing the photo series Rotterdam by local photographer Bas Princen and the story Peripheral Pilgrimages by Ghent-based writer Christophe Van Gerrewey.

ROTTERDAM arose out of a unique commission that Witte de With extended to Bas Princen: to develop a photographic concept for the invitations and brochures that would be published in the 2006 – 2007 season. As Princen’s underlying ambition was to redefine the notion of the ‘non-place’, the photo series challenges the audience to view Rotterdam from a new angle, in terms of what it is now and what it could be. Throughout the past two years Bas Princen’s photographs have presented the peripheral areas and border zones of the city. The images focus on places and locations that – though they form part of our daily surroundings – have no place in our collective memory.
Bas Princen invited Christophe Van Gerrewey to create a text that acts in parallel to his photographic series, which has been expanded to a total of 44 pictures. In the resulting narrative,Peripheral Pilgrimages, the contemporary city emerges as a new kind of protagonist that greatly affects our relations with the world.

Print run: 1250, Bilingual English/ Dutch;
Published by: Witte de With Publishers
Editors: Renske Janssen and Nicolaus Schafhausen; Graphic Design: Kummer & Herrman, Utrecht
Format: 160 x 210 mm; Pages: 164; Photos: 44, colour; Date of publication: 17 December 2007
ISBN: : 978-90-73362-78-9;

© the artist, authors and Witte de With, Rotterdam 2007

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