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Borinage 1959 Jeanloup Sieff Black Smoke Magnum Photography

Sieff, Jeanloup
Borinage - 1959. [Introduction: George Vercheval; Text: Jeanloup Sieff, Léon Fourmanoit].

Ausstellungskatalog, Charleroi, Musée de la photographie à Charleroi, Centre d'art contemporain de la Communauté françaiise de Belgique, 1986. / Archives du Musée de la Photographie; 6 / Charleroi / Musée de la photographie / 1986 / s. p. / geb. / 21.6x21.3cm / s/w ill. / 2-87183-000-2 / HCA mono / Katalog / Photographie - Monographie - Sozialdokumentarische Photographie - Belgien - 20. Jahrh. - Vercheval, Georges - Fourmanoit, Léon / "Le photographies reproduites dans 'Borinage 1959' ont été acquises par le Musée de la Photographie/Centre d'Art contemporain de la Communauté française de belgique. Elles ont été présentées lors de la Deuxième Triennale internationale de la photographie organisée en mars-avril 1984 à Charleroi".
French photographer who began as a photojournalist in the 1950s, belonging briefly to Magnum. In 1959 he won the Prix Niépce and published his first book, Borinage, containing gritty images of a Belgian miners' strike. But he spent the early 1960s in New York working for leading fashion magazines, especially Harper's Bazaar. He made portraits—notably of Rudolf Nureyev (1960) and Charlotte Rampling (1967)—and landscapes (Scotland in 1972, Death Valley, California, in 1977). Most striking, however, was Sieff's continual output of stylish nudes and near‐nudes, presented either in sculptural isolation, or in surreal settings like train compartments or, waiflike, in sparse interiors. Shadows or designer lingerie evoke mythical enchantment and bondage. For much of his nude and landscape work he favoured ultra‐wide‐angle lenses and grainy monochrome.

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