dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Lisboa cidade triste e alegre number ONE for Best Books 2009

Victor Palla e Costa Martins, "Lisboa cidade triste e alegre", Edição Pierre von Leist Editions, 90€

A poem by Álvaro de Campos (an heteronym of Fernando Pessoa), '/ Cidade triste e alegre, outra vez sonho aqui../", inspired, fifty years ago, the title of a classic reference in photo publishing. The original edition had one of its rare copies sold at Christie's, London, for 14 thousand euros. Gerry Badger, one of the authors of "The Photobook: A History", includes "Lisboa, cidade triste e alegre" amongst the most important in the history of photography.
The book was finally republished three days ago (december 18 2009), and the blog 5b4 sets it as number one for Best Books of 2009:

"I applaud this incredible reprint of the classic Palla and Martins book as the production is as impressive as the photographs. An extremely complicated book to do a facsimile and they nailed it right down to the printing, paper and binding. Plus it is very affordable considering how expensive it was to produce each copy. Do not hesitate. These will not last long."

This new edition, by Pierre von Kleist Editions, respects the original format and includes a supplement with a new introduction by Gerry Badger.

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