donderdag 10 september 2009

Stephan Vanfleteren Portret 1989-2009 Portraits Photography

An overview of the celebrities Vanfleteren has been photographing the last few years.

Stephan Vanfleteren
His radical black-and-white documentary work covers the disappearance of small, anarchic worlds and the phenomena of everyday life in his homeland Belgium as well as events from world's conflict zones to every day life around the world. He also interested in portraying artists, actors, writers, directors, musicians and all other people that express themselves by their profession.

Vanfleteren won several national and international photo awards and his work has been shown in numerous exhibitions across Europe.

He published several books like 'Flandrien' (Merz/Luc Derycke), Tales of a Globalizing world (Thames&Hudson), Elvis&Presley (Kruse Verlag), Buren/Neighbours (De Verbeelding). See for more ...

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