woensdag 16 september 2009

Rob Hornstra Updates Documentary Photography

Rob Hornstra
Postbus 1011 / NL - 3500 BA Utrecht
+31 6 1436 5936 / subscribe@borotov.com

For four months I have been working with Arnold van Bruggen on The Sochi Project. In this time, there has been a lot of interest in the way in which we are trying to finance this project. We are relying principally on donations to ensure that for five years we are able to intensively document the developments around Olympic Sochi. And that seems to be working. More than 100 donors have now come forward, donating a total of nearly €9,000. We’re not there yet, but we’re well on the way...

Sanatorium Publication (new)

Sochi and sanatoria are inextricably linked. During the Communist era Sochi was a health resort where workers were sent for a holiday or to recuperate. In the run-up to the Games almost all of the sanatoria will undergo a facelift in order to lose their Soviet image. Before that happens, The Sochi Project will devote extensive attention to these historic buildings. At the end of November we will bring out our annual publication; a homage to the Soviet sanatorium (only available to donors of The Sochi Project). In the summer of 2010 we intend to organise a trip for people interested in staying in one of these not-yet-renovated Soviet sanatoria.

• The nominations for the Kasseler Fotoforum Photo Book Award 2008+2009 (which includes 101 Billionaires) have been compiled in a beautiful catalogue, which can be viewed and ordered on the website photobook.ph.
• The autumn issue (#196) of
Aperture Magazine contains an eight-page portfolio from 101 Billionaires.
• With the book, I have also been nominated for the
Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2010. The shortlist will be announced at the end of October.

Willem & Kid Project

For several years I have been taking photos of my neighbours, Willem & Kid, in the Utrecht problem neighbourhood Ondiep. A selection of these can now be seen in the portfolio on my website. The demolition of our neighbourhood has now come to within 50 metres of our front doors. We expect to have to move out of our houses in around a year. Of course I will continue to follow Willem & Kid.

Agenda September 2009 - November 2009
01.09.2009 - 10.10.2009
Work from Russia (2003 - 2009) will be exhibited in the Fotofestival Noorderlicht satellite programme. Bookshop Godert Walter, Oude Ebbingestraat 53 in Groningen.
19.11.2009 - 22.11.2009
Flatland Gallery will present new work during Paris Photo. The Sanatorium book will also be launched on Friday at 4pm.

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