zaterdag 5 september 2009

Human Conditions Nooderlicht International Photofestival 2009 Photography

6 September through 4 October 2009Groningen, the Netherlands
Opening: 5 September 17:00, Der Aa-kerk (invitations only) Lees verder Noorderlicht 2009: ellende, compassie en schoonheid ... & Dichter bij de mensen ...

It has been said that conflict is what gives life its meaning. It is what feeds progress and lays the foundations for self-conquest. At the same time conflict has left a trail of destruction through history. It is a phenomenon with many faces: the tormented face of inner conflict, the bloody face of war, the empty gaze of hunger, poverty and oppression.

In an ambitious and probing photo festival Noorderlicht curator Wim Melis and five guest curators - a first for the photo event - offer their personal views on themes that define the human condition. Stuart Franklin, Lauren Heinz, Simon Njami, Marc Prüst and Bas Vroege take us with them to conflict areas, and provide their commentary on developments in the vanguard of engaged, narrative documentary photography. On the basis of weaponry Melis underscores the absurdity of war. Six diverse exhibitions, but one powerful thread: the love and the horrors of which man is capable; the struggles that remain hidden from the eyes of the world. Thus Noorderlicht deliberately turns the spotlight on the footnotes of world history, on ordinary people and their circumstances, their will to live and their capacity to destroy.

"With photographs which sometimes hit you in the face, and sometimes get under your skin, the 2009 event makes it clear that unseen conflict is also a story that must be told."

Main exhibitions Stuart Franklin Point of No Return Lauren Heinz Closing In Simon Njami Ordinary Pain Marc Prüst Lost Bas Vroege Multivocal Histories Wim Melis War Machines.

‘Disproportionate force’ 6 september 2009 » door Photoq

Today PhotoQ laid hand on the text written by Stuart Franklin that was meant to be published in the catalogue of the current Noorderlicht photofestival. As we wrote before, the text was drawn back from the catalogue after pressure from the press agency AP. The text was neither presented at the opening of the festival Saturday evening in the town of Groningen. The exhibition curated by Mr Franklin only showed a number of pictures by Palestine photographers working for AP.

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