woensdag 13 mei 2009

The Sochi Project by Rob Hornstra & Arnold van Bruggen Photography

The Sochi Project
In 2014 Sochi will host the Olympic Wintergames. In the five years ahead to these games the surroundings of Sochi will change dramatically. Photographer Rob Hornstra & writer Arnold van Bruggen will document these changes. Kummer en Herrman are partners in this project. The will be responsible for the design of the website and the campaign.

Never before did the Olympic games take place in an are so close to a conflict zone. Newborn republic Abkhazia is just around the corner. Only a few kilometres from the troublesome region are the skiranges of Sochi. Sochi has always been be the mondane bathing and skiing resort for the Russian elite. But also 'normal' Russians come here. Refugees from the Caucasus live in former Soviet resorts. The area around Sochi is as diverse as entire Russia. And it will change dramatically the coming years. An island in the shape of Russia will take form in the Black Sea, full of hotels and luxury villa's. New and splendid resorts will be built by Russia's billionaires. Read more ...

The project will be financed by funds, organisations and most importantly - you. On the website thesochiproject.org, dedicated to this project we'll provide the contributors (for 10 euro's a year or more) with extra's, newsletters and a reduction on Rob's photographs and the eventual book.

Please keep checking this website or send an email to arnold (at) prospektor.nl for updates.

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