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Best PhotoBooks of 2008 by 5B4 Photography

Best Books of 2008

Another year has passed and that basically just means that more books have been published and many more are on the way. This was obviously an exciting year for me with my venture into the world of publishing and this list is a tip of the hat to projects that made me envious. Each exhibits strengths that make them destined for a long shelf life and educates as to the potential for book-making. Certainly I have missed many other great titles that have slipped past my radar but here are my picks for 2008. Check them out and enjoy.

1 Invaze 68 by Josef Koudelka (Torst/Aperture) Many weren't too sure of this one but I love it. I prefer the Torst Czech version with the recycled paper cover but need the Aperture edition for the texts.

2 101 Billionaires by Rob Hornstra (Borotov) The biggest surprise of Paris Photo. Missed out on his first but won't miss out on future ones.

3 Pretend You're Actually Alive by Leigh Ledare (PPP Editions) Great first book (even with the misshapen slipcase) from this young artist and I hope he keeps making 'em with the same intensity.

4 A New History of Photography by Ken Schles (Schaden/White Press) Inventive, witty, smart and great book craftsmanship and concept.

5 Beaufort West by Mikhail Subotzky (Chris Boot) My very first impression was not favorable...needless to say it has grown on me...and grown on me...

6 Sent A Letter by Dayanita Singh (Steidl) Delicate, quiet and very interesting.

7 Wonderland by Jason Eskanazi (De.Mo) A long time coming and well worth the wait.

8 Solitude of Ravens by Masahisa Fukase (Rathole) a reworking of an old masterpiece.

9 South East by Mark Steinmetz (Nazraeli) The second in what will be a trilogy. Mark is well due his moment and this is another that shows why.

10 A Road Trip Journal by Stephen Shore (Phaidon) Way too pricey to the point where I might say it isn't worth it but I like it too much.

Runners Up...

11 Living with War/Protest the War by Judith Joy Ross (Steidl) OK, it's two books but they seem inseperable.

12 Avenue Patrice Lumumba by Guy Tillim (Prestel/Peabody Museum).

13 Secrets of Real Estate by John Gossage (Sheldon Art)

14 Bird by Roni Horn (Steidl) Almost too short to be wholly satisfying but still a favorite.

15 Peru by Robert Frank (Steidl)

Last year I caught a lot of grief from friends who joked that my 'best of' list totaled 35 books so this year I am keeping it to just 15. It's a bit easier on your wallet.

Feel free to make your own Best of 2008 list and contribute it to the comments section. I want to know what I missed. See for the list of 2007 ...

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