maandag 15 december 2008

Milano by Mario Carrieri Neo-Realism Photojournalism Photography

Thema: Photo - Mario Carrrieri Milano du. Kulturelle Monatsschrift. 20. Jg., Juni 1960

Mario Carrieri was a leading photojournalist and cinematographer who devoted himself to photographing Milan for two years between 1957 and 1959. The obvious influence here is William Klein, whose book New York was published in Italy (among other countries). As Parr & Badger explain, however, the tone of Carrieri's work sidesteps the humor inherent to Klein's style. As such, he "confines himself to the city's grittier aspects, being drawn to the desolate outer suburbs, and even when photographing the city's glamorous center, he manages to make it look dark and dangerous...It's concentration on the seamier side of life makes Milano one of the most important works of the neo-realist tendency of the late 1950s."

Carrieri was influenced by William Klein"s Life is Good & Good For You in New York and shared a similarly raw view, though his layout is slightly more restrained. Carrieri spent time photographing in the suburbs as well as in the centre of Milan, focusing his attention mostly on the less glamorous working side of this hard Italian city. "One of the most important works of the neo-realist tendency of the 1950s" (Parr). In the same year as Milano, Italia, Klein published his own impressions of Italy in Rome: The City and Its People. Parr, M. and Badger, G., The Photobook: A History Vol.I, p.214; Auer, M. and M., 802 photo books, p.393.


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