vrijdag 28 november 2008

Valparaiso Du Sergio Larrain Photography

Du. Atlantis. Kulturelle Monatsschrift. Conzett & Huber, Zurich, February, 1966. 150 pp. with 16 pp. feature on Larrain accompanied by Neruda's text.

View the entire Valparaiso series on the Magnum site.

"Sergio Larrain began photographing the famous Chilean port in the 1950s but it was not until 1963 that he spent more time there, this time, in the company of the poet Pablo Neruda. The text and photographs in Valparaiso were published in the journal Du in 1966. But it had to wait until 1991 before it was published as a book, which has since gained a cult following. Not only did Sergio Larrain ceaselessly climb the narrow streets, the stairs, and the hills of this city frozen in time, but he also shed light on an entire bohemian lifestyle in the neighborhoods nearby the port, which then counted some one hundred brothels and cabarets. The result is a series of pictures that has become an essential reference in the work of this photographer who escapes categorization."--Magnum Photos

Also see Jeff Ladd's piece on Larrain, posted on his always excellent photobook blog, 5B4

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