maandag 10 november 2008

Things as they are Photojournalism by Co Rentmeester, Ed van der Elsken & Ad van Denderen Photography

World Press Photo of the Year: 1967 South Vietnam, May 1967. The commander of an M48 tankgunner of the US 7th Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam's "Iron Triangle". About the image: Co Rentmeester took his winning shot, which was salvaged from Life magazine's rejects pile, as he lay on the floor of an incredibly hot tank. Rentmeester is the only Dutch photographer to ever have received this award, which was founded in the Netherlands.

Ed van der Elsken Cuba Avenue

Ad van Denderen Immigration in Europe Geo
Titel Go No Go see Online Photobook
Fotograaf Ad van Denderen
Periode 1988-2002
Aantal pagina's 240
Vormgever Roelof Mulder
Uitgever Mets & Schilt (Amsterdam) / Paradox (Edam)
Formaat 21x27cm
ISBN 90 5330 366 9
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