vrijdag 14 november 2008

Bureaucratics Jan Banning Martin Parr Conceptual Documentary Photography

Bureaucratics Bureaucracy is an everyday form of state power with which citizens are confronted everywhere. Jan Banning has done portraits of bureaucrats at all levels, from village clerks to governors. Although the bureaucrats pose, their desk is the real subject. Thát is the permanent expression of their status and power. The person behind it is interchangeable, during his working hours assuming the role of immigration officer or revenue agent. That is emphasized by the pose in which he is photographed: as an actor playing himself. THE OFFICE (India/Indonesia, 2004-2006) is a work in progress, eventually to include bureaucrats in ten countries. The series on Bihar, a state in the world's largest democracy, India, is completed; the series on Indonesia has just begun. The photographs are accompanied by interviews by Will Tinnemans. Foreword by Martin Parr. (Nooderlicht Photofestival 2006). Lees verder ...

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India — 17/2003 [Pat., SP (b.1962)] Photo: Jan Banning Sushma Prasad (b. 1962) is assistant clerk at the Cabinet Secretary of the State of Bihar (population 83 million) in The Old Secretariat in the state capital, Patna. She was hired ‘on compassionate grounds’ because of the death of het husband, who until 1997 worked in the same department. Monthly salary: 5.000 rupees ($ 110,-)

Yemen — 03/2006 [Man., NAG (b.1969)] Photo: Jan Banning Nadji Ali Gayt (b. 1969) is an adviser at the Ministery of Agriculture’s education center for rural women in the district of Manakhah, Sana’a Governorate. Monthly salary: 28.500 Rial ($ 160.-)

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