vrijdag 13 juni 2008

New Dutch landscape in photography Nature as Artifice

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The Kröller-Müller Museum has a dynamic programme of temporary exhibitions. These range from major surveys of artists or movements represented in the permanent collection to shows focusing on current developments in contemporary art.

Nature as Artifice: new Dutch landscape in photography and video art
June 12th, 2008 - September 28th, 2008

Worldwide, ‘Dutch landscape’ still evokes an immediate mental picture: the picture of the idyllic agrarian landscape that is rooted in the tradition of Dutch landscape painting. However, the Netherlands, like many other countries, has changed radically in its function over the last century, and has thus also altered in its appearance. Affected by a global reordering of production and industry, the agrarian function of the landscape is making way for suburbanisation, recreation, industrial and business parks and infrastructure for transportation. Today it is precisely the planning, the artificial manner in which the Dutch manipulate their landscape and nature in a continual and far-reaching way, for which The Netherlands is internationally famed. Since the end of the 1980s a number of Dutch photographers and filmmakers have been taking exactly this artificial character of the Dutch landscape and nature as their point of departure. In the framework of the international Triennial Apeldoorn on gardens and landscape architecture, Nature as Artifice shows work by a number of them. With work by Hans Aarsman, Theo Baart, Wout Berger, Henze Boekhout, Driessens & Verstappen, Marnix Goossens, Arnoud Holleman, Gert Jan Kocken, Jannes Linders, Cary Markerink, Hans van der Meer, Gábor Ösz, Bas Princen, Xavier Ribas, Gerco de Ruijter, Frank van der Salm, Hans Werlemann and Edwin Zwakman.

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Guest curator: Maartje van den Heuvel. Photo banner: Cary Markerink, A4 Schiphol, from: Snelweg, 1996

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