zaterdag 28 juni 2008

Dutch Eyes Kors van Bennekom Street Family Photography Photojournalism

Kors van Bennekom - Kors's Choice 11 July - 14 September 2008

Foam presents an exhibition celebrating the seventy-fifth birthday of the Amsterdam photographer Kor van Bennekom (b. 1933). It was in 1956, at the height of the Cold War, that Kor van Bennekom began working as a photographer for the communist newspaper De Waarheid, where he remained with until 1965. His photos provide a magnificent record of ordinary, hard-working people in a city rebuilding after the war, racked by poverty and unrest. In 1966 Van Bennekom helped found Uitkrant voor Amsterdammers, a magazine of listings and articles about culture in the capital. Van Bennekom brought street photography into the theatre, portraying Dutch and international actors, musicians, ballet dancers and cabaret artists in a bold and vibrant style. At the same time, Van Bennekom also photographed his family. These photos tell the simple, unadorned story of a home life in which his wife Ine, his children, grandchildren and he himself are the main characters. Kor van Bennekom is a combination of street photographer, theatre photographer and family photographer, whose remarkable oeuvre reflects the history of the Netherlands in the second half of the twentieth century.

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